Monday, October 15, 2012


As I indicated in my last post creatinine levels help indicate how Nate's transplanted kidney is doing. Last week we had a little scare when his levels started to go up. Nate then started steroid treatments to help bring the levels down. On Saturday Nate became sick and was vomiting. Nate was admitted back into the hospital. Several tests were completed. Nate had a lot of fluid build up in his body from where the old kidney's were removed. Thus a drain was put in. Other tests show that the new kidney is NOT leaking. We celebrated Nate's creatinine levels on Sunday as they were 1.99 the lowest they have been and today they are 1.83.  Nate is expected to leave the hospital today and remain with his family in Denver to resume clinic appointments. We pray things continue to go well.

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