Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I LOVE this time of year!

My mom came down to visit a couple weeks ago. We had such a good time. We went to the pumkin patch. Had fun being goofy!!

Gunnar saw his friends!

Boo At The Zoo: Gunnar had a good time watching the animals and getting lots of candy!

Gunnar with the Storm Troopers

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

We want to wish my Mom and Mack a HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY! We love you bunches!
Not the best "love" picture, but one with them both in it. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tennessee Trip

The agency I work for required me to take a training in Tennessee. This training was to become a CPO (Certified Professional of Occupancy) which is learning all HUD (Housing) Regulations. I was able to take this training with another lady named Debi who works for another agency that we are working with for a housing project. Debi and I hit it off from the start and I wouldn't have made the trip without her! We took a 3 day intense training and that was followed by a 4 hour regulation test. They have to send the tests off to be scored but both Debi and I think we passed. After the classes and test was over we were able to enjoy some of the sights in Tennesse. (See below) All and all it was a wonderful trip and awesome experience!!!

Tennessee Trip-Peabody Hotel

The Peabody Hotel is a high class hotel most famous for the ducks that wander around and walk around the foundain. They had just but the ducks "to bed" when we got there so we were unable to see them. The fountain was beautiful.

Tennessee Trip-BEALE STREET

Beale Street is a famous street in Memphis, with lots of entertainment and little shops. This was my the best part of the trip.
We ate at BB King's. I had some awesome BBQ!
Barb, Debi, and I on the horse carriage ride.
Debi and I on the trolley, if you look behind us you can see the city lights.
The Memphis (M) Bridge, along the Mississippi.

Tennessee Trip-GRACELAND

The Manson.
Elvis purchased it for a little over $100,000.

The livingroom.
The diningroom.

The back side of the Manson.
This was Lisa Marie's (his daughters) swing-set.