Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life is Good!

It's amazing how we will make time to tell people when times are difficult but time flies when your having fun. Things have been much better in the Oleson household. Nate has recovered well and his last few doctor's appointments have been perfect. Good labs and results. On the 28th of this month he has his SIX month post-transplant appointment. That appointment will have more involved "tests" to ensure his new kidney is working. He has a cocktail of medications that we are so thankful for. (See below) Nate is very excited about this summer and being able to camp, fish, and swim. He has put a mountain bike on lay-a-way and CANNOT wait to get it. :)
Gunnar and Gabbie are growing! Gabbie will be 2 in June and Gunnar turned 8 last December. Gunnar continues to do well in school and enjoys drawing, writing, and reading. Gabbie is sassy and challenges me everyday. :)
Nate and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary this past weekend and I am reminded that no matter how hard things get we always have eachother and we need eachother.
We are blessed!