Friday, October 12, 2012

Just small bumps in the road...

I haven't updated for a bit so thought you might like to know how Nate is doing. Everything has been fairly smooth. He attends clinic appointments 2 to 3 times a week. During these appointments they check lab levels, medication doses, and overall health. One of the main things they check is his creatinine levels which lets them know if the kidney is working like its suppose to. Doctors want to see those levels go down until they reach a normal level.
Nate's levels have steadily going down until yesterday when they went up. This can be the first sign of rejection but don't it's treatable. So Nate is getting some IV treatments in the next few days and doctors are checking into a few other things. We had hoped that Nate would come home yesterday and stay for a few days and that was a huge bummer for all of us BUT we know the most important thing is that he is taken care of so as they say....absence makes the heart grow founder. Continue to pray that all goes well.
Looking good!

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