Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are so proud!

Last week Gunnar had parent-teacher conferences at preschool. Both Nate and I were anxious to hear how Gunnar was doing. I didn't know that they had report cards in preschool but they do. I've posted a picture. They receive "stars" for the skills they've mastered and "S" for when they meet objectives some of the time and +'s for when they meet objectives inconsistently. Gunnar received stars and "S". Things written on his report card were "Very Polite" and "Will ask Questions" He was given a VERY good report. Nate and I are SO PROUD of him.
We let him go to Wal-Mart and pick out any toy he wanted for doing so good, at first he picked out a .97cent car but we told him he could have something else, so he picked out the fire truck pictured below. :)

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The Hicks Family said...

That is awesome! You can tell a lot about a child's parents by how he behaves when not with them! Sounds like you two should be proud of yourselves too!! You're doing great!