Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Horror Haircut!

Gunnar has had a head full of hair since the day he was born. (See below) Needless to say, he's had many haircuts in his whole 3 years of life. You would think it would get earlier. NOPE! Gunnar HATES having his haircut. We put it off as long as we can but when it's time he fights, crys, kicks, screams, etc... Poor Guy! But he always looks so good when he's done.


The McCrumb 6 said...

Trey does the same thing when we cut his hair the last time that we cut it we actually had to cut it shorter than what we wanted because he wouldn't sit still

Anonymous said...

Teri says boys don't like getting thier haircut. Hehehehe, poor baby. Is it the noise from the clippers? Im keepin these.