Saturday, February 20, 2010


Many people ask about Nate and how he's doing.
Nate has just recently went back to work after being laid off since around Christmas and is traveling away from home. Work does not seem to effect him negatively with regards to his health. However, we do notice various things that indicate his kidneys are gradually declining. His ankles swell, he has headaches, his blood pressure continues to be high, he's anemic, and he seems to be really tired. Nate has regular appointments with his kidney doctor as well as iron through an IV once a month, and takes various medications.
With regards to the transplant. As of December 7th, Nate was placed on the transplant list but as said before the average wait time is 2-5 years. We were in hopes to avoid dialysis but it appears that will not happen, although it's not something he is doing right now. A live donor is always an option but we have found weight and size to be something the transplant coordinators look at closely. However, if your interested in being tested you must have "O" blood type and contact the transplant coordinator. (Let me know if you want the details of how to reach them)
As a family we have started to experience some of the various emotions that come along with sickness. The emotional ups and downs has come as a surprise to both Nate and I, however, we continue to deal with that privately. It seems lots of hugs and reassurance has done the trick. :)
We are so thankful for our family and friends. We know many people are praying for us.
So in other words, we are in a process of "waiting" until the next step. We will keep you all updated as things change.

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Sherman said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. You and Nate are continually in my prayers. Always here for ya!