Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

We had a fun-filled Easter this year. Got up bright and early to attend sunrise service and came home to find that the Easter Bunny had stopped by. Gunnar was WAY excited to get his "Twisted Sister" CD that he proudly displays below. Yes, you heard right---Twisted Sister. He loves to rock out to "We're not gonna take it!"
The Easter Bunny brought skates for Gunnar too.

The Easter Bunny didn't forget about Sherry!

The cute bug eggs we decorated.

Gunnar at the Easter Egg hunt.

We had a BIG Easter dinner. My Dad and family came to visit and we had our friends over too. I'm sure they are all thrilled with the pictures of them eating but it was the one way to make sure I got everyone.

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Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Awww, I LOVE the "bug-eggs!" They're so cute! And how cool that Gunnar likes Twisted Sister. That's awesome! Looks like you all had a nice Easter.