Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Visitors

We had a nice weekend. Nate painted 2 rooms in our house, thank goodness! Then Nate's brother Vince, his wife, Kelly, and their grandaughter Emily came to visit. We had a really nice time. Gunnar loves playing with his cousin. Vince and Kelly took us out for a really nice dinner. We always enjoy visiting with family.


Dave Ja Vu said...

Do you mind if we list your blog address in our Breeze story on blogging this week? We're listing all the blogs with ties to Wauneta and Palisade in the paper this week with the story, then we'll provide links on our Web site too. If it's okay, send me an email at


sunhapol said...

Those are lovely kids taking a bath with smiles in their faces. They are having fun playing in the bath tub with those bubbles. :)